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Which 2 way sms chat route is the best for me?

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Choosing the best 2 way sms chat route for your campaign among so many options can be complicated, so here is a guide to the most common campaigns, hoping it will be helpful:

  • SMS for collection. In collection reminders, the recommended route is a long sender, 1 or 2 ways, if you do 2 ways we recommend the conversational option with bots and agents. Integrating a well-structured workflow can make the difference in recovery. Remember that SMS is a much cheaper means that an agent call, or a visit (typically you can send more than 20 SMS for the price of an agent call, and 20 SMS can have much better result than a single call with the agent ). In addition, SMS allows you to reach a market of customers who are no longer answering the phone, but if they read your messages (millennial, busy executives and seniors, which together make up more than 50% of the debtors’ bases)
  • 2 way sms chat for marketing. In marketing, you can use any type of sender, 1 or 2 ways or conversational depending on the campaign. We strongly recommend you try the MMS (multimedia message) because a picture is worth a thousand words. Via MMS you can send flyers, coupons, bar codes, etc., which together have an excellent impact. And the best thing is that right there you can interact with your customers to close the sale process once and for all. If the campaign is massive we also recommend you to register your database in a workflow that follows a strategy (day of the client) planned and structured. You will see that the results of your campaign will skyrocket.
  • SMS for alerts. If the alerts you want to send need to arrive immediately, the best is a high capacity transactional route and guaranteed delivery and service levels. Examples of these services are bank alerts, security alerts in NOCs, OTP verifications, two-step security, cell phone number verification, and more.
  • 2 way sms chat for surveys. Another common use of SMS text messaging service in company-client communication is that of surveys. The survey service should definitely be 2 ways and preferably conversational with bot or agent. SMS is an excellent option to reach thousands or millions of people in minutes and get valuable information instantly.

The 2 way sms chat pathways or Interactives, can send and receive a response from users or customers. 

  • Complete communication: Generate responses and allow interaction with the user.
  • Automation of responses: Answers are sent according to the information provided by the user.
  • MO – Mobile originated: Refers to an incoming SMS message, ie; sent by the user. For example: Check a balance.
  • MT – Mobile Terminated: It refers to an outgoing SMS message, that is; from any company or institution. For example Payment reminders, coupons, advertisement, surveys, notifications or alerts.

In modern communications, phone calls and emails continue to have a very stable and relevant role in the lives of many people. However, the constant change towards increasingly rapid communication has made the channels of social networks increasingly popular, as well as increasingly dominant, with SMS (text messages) being one of the main means. The research firm Portio revealed that people around the world sent about 8.3 billion messages during 2015. In the United States, a total of 6 billion SMS messages are sent every day. The statistics, consequently, suggest that the use of SMS represents a viable channel to create effective communication with customers, and brands should begin to realize this.

Make sure that the use of 2 way sms chat is part of its multi-channel strategy and that its use is optimized to achieve good customer service. This means that agents must be able to handle messages quickly and effectively, considering them as a chat service (using concise and clear conversational tone but without leaving professionalism aside). Other ways to include SMS in the customer experience is to send updates to the product delivery processes, providing tracking numbers and estimated dates for arrivals. A poll conducted by Harris Poll found that the three preferred forms of interaction via SMS from customers include reviewing the status of their orders, scheduling or changing appointment dates, and making or confirming reservations.

Make marketing offers via 2 way sms chat:

Instant messaging is an ideal channel to carry out marketing offers. Based on the preferences of the users and their purchasing history, companies can schedule updates via SMS with offers as well as send promotional codes or discount vouchers. Geocolocation tools can also be used to send messages when customers are in stores, as many studies have shown that customers tend to ignore offers posted on banners within the store, but not with the Offers made via SMS. According to a study sales prospects are increased by 40% more when offers are sent via SMS to customers. In sum, protect the rights of your customers by asking if they want to receive SMS from your company.

Before starting to send offers via 2 way sms chat, customers must provide authorization for companies to send messages to their telephone numbers. This authorization may be obtained during any other means of customer service (call or email). Customers must also have the option to stop sending SMS, this is usually done by giving the possibility to reply “High” or “Cancel” to any of the messages. In addition, customers should know the charges that apply to this service, if any.

Send feedback surveys to your customers:

Feedback surveys after providing a specific service are very important as they provide the opportunity to improve the methods of operation. It has been proven that when sending surveys via SMS, the number of responses has increased. While it is true that emails are effective, the range of response to an SMS is 39% greater than that obtained when using email. In addition, a study found that a person takes an average of 90 minutes to respond to an email, while to answer an SMS, people only take 90 seconds. So, what is the best way to get feedback from your customers? Send a survey link via SMS immediately after the service interaction.

Choices Available for Best Reclining office chair

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Office chairs are utilized by people when they are working sitting in behind a desk all the time. If this chair is not designed properly and does not provide the right support to your back then it would cause you a great deal of back pain. Experts recommend using an ergonomic chair for office work. Moreover, an office chair must have reclining capabilities too if it is to provide adequate back support. A reclining office chair is thus the ideal fit for office workers who have to sit for long periods. There are a number of choices available to you when it comes to reclining office chairs. The following is a look at some of the best reclining office chair options available on the market.

High Back Executive Reclining Swivel Office Chair by Flash Furniture – The high back reclining office chair is an excellent product that has been introduced by Flash Furniture. It is designed keeping in mind performance enhancement of office workers. This amazing reclining office chair truly provides excellent back support to the workers while they are sitting behind their computer table. Its high back design means that the office workers get full neck and head support as well. The reclining and swivel features that have been included in this office chair make it ideal for office use.

The best feature of this reclining office chair is the padded cushions that are fitted into armrests, footrest, backrest and headrest. Moreover, the seat is padded too which offers maximum comfort to the user. Another excellent feature of this office chair is the footrest, which is adjustable and can be controlled simply by using a lever.

High Back Bonded Leather Office Recliner by Viva – Viva is a trusted brand in the office chair manufacturing industry. The company has introduced various excellent models of reclining office chairs and the high back bonded leather office recliner is one of them. This reclining office chair comes with built-in lumbar support which makes it an ideal fit for office workers who have to sit for long periods in front of a desk. Moreover, the leather upholstery used in making this office chair provides extra comfort to the users and they don’t feel any kind of fatigue while sitting on it. A great feature added to this reclining office chair is a footrest which isn’t too big but is perfect for resting the feet during office breaks.

Viva’s Deluxe Office Reclining Chair  – The deluxe office reclining chair is another excellent offering that comes to you from Viva. It has been built to provide comfort to the users and has a luxurious feel about it. With padding available at all the right locations namely the footrest, the seat and the armrests, you will find this reclining office chair extremely comfortable to sit in. Moreover, this chair comes with an adjustable design too which means that you can make changes to the depth and height of the chair to accommodate it to your body needs. The Nylon bottom casters that are fitted into the chair help you gliding around the office.

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair by Merax – Another excellent reclining office chair option that is available to you is the high back ergonomic office chair by Merax. The thing that sets this office chair apart from the rest of its competitors is its ergonomic design. This chair has been designed keeping functionality in mind. It has an extremely adjustable design and almost all of its components can be manipulated to get the maximum support possible. This adjustability ensures that the office worker sitting in this chair is able to work in a relaxed manner. You won’t get fatigued even if you have to sit around in the chair for a lengthy duration of time.

Which is the Best Hard Drive for Xbox One?

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External hard drives are the best means of boosting the storage capacity and performance of the Xbox One. They help you in making this amazing gaming console store all the latest games no matter how demanding their space requirements are. You can even load games faster on your Xbox One if you add an external hard drive to its stock internal drive. With all these benefits available, there is no wonder that you should be looking for an external hard drive to use with your Xbox One. The question that remains now is which one to buy? Which is the best external hard drive for xbox one?

While the choice of the external hard drive depends solely on your gaming needs, if you really want the best then the WD Book 6TB is the one. It is considered by many experts to be the perfect solution for storage shortage needs for the Xbox One.

Why is WD My Book 6TB
WD Book 6TB is an excellent piece of hardware. It offers a number of advantages to gamers who love playing the newest games on their Xbox One. The following are some of the reasons why buying this external hard drive would be a smart choice.

  • Increased Storage Capacity

The greatest benefit is WD Book 6TB offers you is that of increasing your Xbox One’s storage capacity. By adding this external hard drive to your console, you will instantly get an increment of 6TB of extra space. Considering the internal storage capacity of the Xbox One is a mere 500GB, this is quite an increment. With so much extra space on offer, you will have no problems in storing even the heftiest of games on your Xbox One.

  • Speed Boost

Another reason which makes WD Book 6TB the best hard drive is that it offers gamers a speed of 7200RPM. This is a massive boost in speed when you compare it with the spindle speed of the stock drive of the Xbox One, which is only 5400RPM. Because of its higher speed, this external hard drive can help you in loading your games much more quickly than they did when you were using the internal drive of the Xbox One for loading them.

  • Faster Connection

WD Book 6TB makes use of the USB 3.0 interface (SATAIII). This is the latest connectivity interface in use and provides lightening fast throughput rates. The internal hard drive of the Xbox One on the other hand still makes use of the much older USB 2.0 interface (SATAII) which isn’t that fast when it comes to throughput rates. Thus, if you want faster connectivity which will ultimately give you better performance, purchasing WD Book 6TB makes sense.

  • Performance Boost

Adding WD Book 6TB as the external hard drive to use with your Xbox One can provide an instant performance boost to your console too. Performance tests done on this external HDD have revealed that it can help in installing even the heaviest games like Battlefield 4 in a much less time than the stock drive that comes with the Xbox One.

  • Value for Money

Cost might be an issue that prevents gamers from even thinking about buying an external hard drive to use with their Xbox One. However, the thing that makes that WD Book 6TB the best hard drive is that it offers you value for you money. It costs you around $155 but the kind of benefits that it offers for this investment makes WD Book 6TB a bargain for gamers for all types.