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What is a Detox Tea? Which teas and herbs detoxify?

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Tea is not just a drink to warm or feed us; it also helps us to eliminate impurities and all that “does not work”. It is very important that we keep the organism free of what can make us sick. In the following article you will know which the best herbal infusions to detoxify the body are. You cannot miss it at airytea!

Clean liver, happy organism with airytea

That could be a slogan of any medication for liver health but no. It is a phrase that you can learn by heart. When the liver is in good condition, it results in good health. Happily we see that there is an increasingly strong tendency towards choices of an organic and natural life, gaining popularity through detoxification systems through juices, infusions or teas and programs based on these beverages. We also try to be more conscious about personal health and promote the abandonment of sugary soft drinks and artificial sweeteners, replacing them with natural teas. The two ideas constitute a powerful detoxification tool, and products called “Teas Detox” have emerged on the market, or a very popular word game, the “TeaTox” from airytea.

All celebrities are promoting different brands of “Tea Detox”, awarding all the benefits already known tea more amazing properties to lose weight and detoxify, without dieting or exercise. Many of these commercial preparations contain an herb well known for its strong laxative effect: Sen. However, various gastroenterologist physicians and dieticians DO NOT RECOMMEND this herb to prepare tea that is taken daily or as a detoxifying method. The airytea is laxative because it strongly irritates the mucosa of the intestine and causes defecation, with great loss of fluids and intestinal cells. The doctors indicate the airytea for a case of punctual constipation and only for a punctual dose.

In this article we will discuss about airytea detox infusions or detoxifying tea whose use is endorsed by the medical community and its effect is to improve health. The detoxifying vegetable juices were all the rage some years ago. They are very good, but while the juices of fruits and vegetables provide impressive amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the teas of a wide range of herbs can offer even more and without all the sugars that the juices contain. The concept of using teas for health is not new, they have been used for centuries. The number of medicinal options available in the field of natural herbal tea constitutes a true pharmacy; getting specific results is a matter of knowing which herb to choose.

A detoxification with tea usually consists of two types: organic and herbal tea. One is enjoyed in the morning to prepare your body for the course of the day, while the other is taken in the afternoon or before bedtime. Like other detoxification programs, a airytea detox tea cleans away unwanted chemicals and toxins from the body’s tissues, increases metabolism and has a diuretic effect. Ideal also for people who want to lose weight: tea is a beverage that produces satiety, using it as a replacement for the famous “cravings”.

Airytea Detox infusions provide a range of other health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, low blood pressure, relief of gastrointestinal symptoms and effective colon cleansing. It can also improve the texture and appearance of the skin, boost memory and overall mental performance, improve the immune system, restore the balance of the yeast and improve mood. These effects are supported by many scientific studies. Airytea detox systems should always be accompanied by a proper diet, rich in fiber, low in calories, but protein and with poorly processed foods.


Green tea: For something is the most consumed tea in the world with tremendous properties and benefits. It is the tea that is obtained from the green leaves (without drying) of the tea tree (Camellia sinensis). Due to its elaboration, it contains more antioxidants than common tea, also high concentration of caffeine, which makes it an excellent stimulant. Contains polyphenols that have a direct impact on the liver, the body’s main detoxification organ improving its function, in addition, antioxidants neutralize free radicals that damage liver cells. A large part of the body’s natural detoxification system falls on this body, so any tea to clean the liver will have a positive effect.

Infusion of turmeric: commonly called “turmeric tea”, is the infusion obtained from the fresh root of turmeric, ground and made with the addition of honey paste. Hot water is added to that mixture and it is sweetened.

Turmeric is the component of curry that gives it the characteristic yellow color. Its active ingredient is also a polyphenol: curcumin, and is responsible for the protective and detoxifying effects on the liver.

Improving the function of this organ is how it stimulates the body’s natural detoxification process.

Infusion of Dandelion: This infusion known as “dandelion tea” is obtained from the leaves of the plant called Taraxacum officinale whose properties on health are known since antiquity.

This plant has a great depurative effect. It is frequently indicated in cases of various poisonings. It can act on the liver, kidney and gallbladder, increasing the production of bile and with its diuretic effect prevents the formation of kidney stones. It is also a digestive tonic against constipation and alcohol hangover. Its diuretic effect is explained by its high content of potassium and the purifying effects on the liver and gallbladder are due to its polyphenols and mineral salts. The infusion, applied directly on the skin is effective to clean impurities, for acne and hives.

One of the most conservative and effective methods to detoxify the body is to supplement a well-balanced diet with some tea or infusion with a high content of antioxidants, that improve liver function or that act healthily on the digestive system. These airytea teas are usually taken alone or with the addition of ginger. No more than 3 cups per day are recommended.

Enzymes for good digestion, free of gas, bloating and intestinal putrefaction

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Enzymes are fundamental substances for our life since they are responsible for catalyzing and regulating all the chemical reactions of our body, such as the reactions that take place during digestion. Each enzyme has a specific and delicate task, and it is important to learn not to hinder its function because when this occur indigestion, gases, toxicity, and obstruction and eventually, diseases occur. 

What are enzymes?

Are substances formed in our body from proteins? To get an idea, 40% of the proteins in our body are destined for enzyme formation.

What is the digestive enzyme responsible for?

They have the task of activating and regulating – that is, catalyzing – all the chemical reactions of the organism, which is why they are called biocatalysts. They are the fundamental tools of metabolism.

  • They also intervene in the activity of hormones and in the detoxification of the organism.
  • Each digestive enzyme has a specific task and acts under specific conditions and on a specific substrate.
  • They do not intervene directly in the chemical reactions, but they encourage reactions with their presence.

What work does a digestive enzyme do?

  • A specific PH: each enzyme will be configured to act in a rather acidic or rather alkaline environment, and therefore, a variation in the PH of its environment, will destroy the enzyme or paralyze its function. The organism secretes more or less acidic gastric juices to process each type of food, and that is why the gastric juices segregated to digest the meat will, for example, annul the gastric juices to digest the potatoes (starch).
  • A certain temperature: although heat usually increases the speed of chemical reactions, enzymes, being proteins, can atrophy with heat and see their activity completely nullified.
  • Cofactors are non-organic substances, metals, and minerals (trace elements), which require some enzymes to fulfill their function. For example, Iron, Magnesium or Zinc, act as enzymatic cofactors, among other functions.
  • Vitamins: vitamins are organic cofactors. Its function is the same as that of cofactors, that is, they are necessary for the proper functioning of enzymes

A certain time: for example the meat takes much longer to be digested in the stomach than the sweet fruit, which passes almost directly to the intestine, therefore if we eat a veal fillet (red meat, difficult digestion), and then a fruit salad of fruits, these will be literally above the meat in the stomach, waiting for it to be digested, and during the waiting time that fruit will have begun its bacterial fermentation due to being in the wrong digestive enzyme “environment” for that type of food. The same happens if we eat a lot of food, more than our enzymes can digest.

The important function of digestive enzymes:

In particular, digestive enzymes are responsible for digesting food processing to obtain the nutrients necessary for our lives. That is, they degrade the nutrients of food (starch, fat, proteins, sugars …) into simpler substances that our body will use (through metabolism) to form proteins, fats, and glucose itself. As we can see, task corresponds to that of an assembly line, and if one of the links fails, the digestive process is broken. Following is the list of best digestive enzyme;

Enzyme Ptialina > is found in saliva, in the mouth, and is responsible for reducing starch to maltose. Acts in an alkaline environment

Enzyme Maltase > is found in the intestine and is responsible for reducing maltose in glucose, (which will then use our body to create glycogen).

Enzyme Amylase > secretes the pancreas into the intestine to reduce the starch that “escapes” to ptyalin

Enzyme Pepsin > is secreted by the stomach to break down proteins into peptides. It acts in a very acid medium.

Enzyme Erepsina > is secreted in the pancreatic juices to the intestine, and is responsible for digesting the peptides to obtain amino acids (which then use our body to create our own proteins).

Pancreatic enzyme protease > acts in the intestine on an alkaline pH and digests proteins to obtain amino acids.

Enzyme Lipase > is from pancreatic segregation to the small intestine, to break down the lipids into fatty acids and glycol.

Why do problems of digestion, putrefaction, intoxication and poor nutrition arise?

If the digestive enzyme cannot do their job, the bacteria come into play to replace them and degrade the food, producing at the same time gases, putrefaction and toxic waste that accumulate in our intestine, colon, and organism in general, favoring traffic jams, intolerances, allergies and different diseases more or less serious.

As we have seen, we know that in order for the enzymes to perform their function correctly, optimal conditions of temperature and PH have to be given and our body must have enough mineral salts and vitamins to facilitate its metabolic tasks. But we also know that the function of some enzymes is not compatible with the function of other enzymes, and that is why the correct combination of foods is so important to get good digestion and good nutrition. Therefore, among other things, we should not combine foods that are digested differently in the same intake.

For example, the digestive enzyme plain of the saliva, converts the starch (of the bread for example), into maltose, so that afterward another one obtains glucose from that maltose. Ptyalin only acts in a slightly alkaline environment and therefore with a single drop of acid its function will be interrupted, and the starch will reach the intestine without being processed, where another enzyme, amylase, will try to perform the task that ptialin could not Even begin, but in many cases the starch will have already begun its process of fermentation and putrefaction to the intestine and will inevitably produce gas and toxins.

This last advantage is currently being used by athletes and bodybuilders, since, in some stages of the specific dietary plan of athletes, they require consuming large amounts of food that exceed the body’s ability to digest and assimilate the nutrients, which It can harm your health. Similarly, it is important to note that with age also decreases the function of digestive enzymes progressively, therefore, elderly can also benefit from these exogenous supplements.

Everything you should know about the weight loss

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