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Contouring or by Austin makeup artist

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The contouring is a makeup technique based on the application of light and dark tones during the makeup process with the objective of visually modeling the face highlighting with highlights those areas that we want to highlight and “sinking” with dark shadows the areas we want to give less volume on the whole face. Actually, this technique is nothing new in the Austin makeup artist scene until Kim Kardashian has named it; the contouring.

In the field of professional makeup, this technique has always been called, visagism and it really is a lot more complex than what is said in the contouring tutorials that we found on the internet. In fact, in the application of contouring, we only talk about illuminators and shadows when in their true origin they are applied, lights, shades, yellows, oranges and even greenish tones in order to hide different imperfections or coetaneous alterations at the same time to harmonize the proportions of the face.

In many cases we find the rule of illuminating the nose to the forehead and darken the jaw by coloring the cheekbones. Perhaps this effect would be correct to stylize a round face but applied to another type of facial morphology the result would be disastrous. The techniques of visage, at Austin makeup artist contouring or facial modeling will be of different application depending on the shape of each face and should be a specialist in visage that made a prior study to advise on where to apply each effect and the result was a harmonious face.

Regarding the moment in which the corrective pigments are applied, we have discovered that its application is indicated exclusively after the makeup base. This is correct when we try to apply the corrections based on illuminators and shadows. The problem may be when we have to intensify these corrections exclusively on the basis of these products; We will have to use a lot of product creating an unnatural effect, that no matter how much we diffuse we run the risk of damaging the base of makeup.

Corrections based on illuminators and shadows should be understood as a completion of the makeup and not as a correction in itself. The correctors are applied by the Austin makeup artist to the makeup base solving the problems of proportions at this moment. The perfect example would be the carving of a sculpture on which at the beginning we will create the main forms and finally polish the details. In most cases, corrections on the appearance of a face will not be solved exclusively by shading or illuminating a part of the face. The harmonization and the optical correction of the face must be done through visage techniques prior to the application of the rest of the products.

Being an expert in makeup like Austin makeup artist can become an incredible business opportunity, there are so many social events and special dates that makeup artists are very popular in the market every day, being a good opportunity to provide makeup at home with personalized advice. Independent makeup artists become their own bosses and adapt their services to the demands of the client, talent, and passion for this area makes them stand out in the beauty market.

Why come to Austin makeup artist?

  1. You will always know how to make up

If you spend time in front of the mirror trying to decipher how to make up so you look great during the day, or want to know how to make that look you saw on the catwalk, we have good news: when you study professional makeup you will know this and much more. Forget about trying to know how to make up for a certain occasion, because you will know techniques, color palettes, and secrets that will help you make up like a professional.

  1. Its fun learning and it does not end

It was Natalie Portman who said: I do not like to study. I like learning. The learning is beautiful. Certainly keep in constant training and learning is very nice as this beautiful actress says, and in professional makeup, we find a knowledge that besides fun is endless.

  1. You will avoid making mistakes when putting on makeup

Knowledge is power and through studying professional makeup you have the power to know exactly what to do and how to do it at the time of makeup, avoiding unfortunate mistakes like applying an eyeliner that badly put can ruin all the work of eyes we have done.

  1. Your friends will always ask you for help

If you are a person who loves to be surrounded by her friends, professional makeup is for you, since knowing your skills they will want you to constantly help them and make them look beautiful. Of course, this, if you take it to a financial field, will give you the possibility to work for and for your friends a great work environment!

  1. Your field of “research” is magazines

Training and learning require books, reading, seeing. As a professional makeup artist, your encyclopedia will be magazines and your research will explore trends via the web, how fun that is!

  1. Your inspiration comes from the catwalks and celebrities

The same happens when we look for inspiration for new looks, the research for it will come from the catwalks, the red carpets and the big Hollywood events where the stars look beautiful and fashionable, just as you can see yourself too.

  1. You can try different looks and be chameleonic

Likewise, the new looks will not be a secret for you, because thanks to your knowledge of professional makeup you can know how to achieve a certain look or appearance and be a chameleon.

  1. Boys love beautiful girls

It does not hurt to say that studying professional make-up gives you the weapons to look beautiful and that the boys love, because a well-applied makeup is imperceptible, quite the opposite of a badly put one, that men hate because it makes you see a bad woman

  1. You could become a professional

Although yes, your ambitions are in addition to entrepreneurship and being a make-up professional, these studies allow you to become a make-up artist in order to have your own endeavor.